Automobile Dealership

Leased or used vehicles can have smell issues from cigarette smoke, animal oils & hair even after detailing the odor will remain as it is trapped in the fabrics, heating and ventilation ducts. An Ozone Shock Treatment will effectively deal with these smells leaving the vehicle like it has never: 

  • been smoked in
  • been pet free
  • odor free
  • allergen free

Beauty, Hair and Nail Salons

Beauty salons and nail salons have some of the most polluted indoor air found of any industry. Perm solutions and relaxers, hair coloring, nail polish and nail polish remover release chemicals into the air. Salons also work with formaldehyde, bleach, ammonia, antiseptics, disinfectants, each contributing to poor air quality and odor. Ozone Shock Treatment is a proven solution for quickly and economically eliminating offending odors and purifying air.

Realtors, Property Mangers and Landlords

How can Ozone Shock Treatment by No More Odor  help you?

  • receive higher rent
  • multiply offers
  • higher listing price
  • attract more renters/buyers

An Ozone Shock Treatment for a home or a apartment prior to showing it will have the home, apartment, condo. appealing to more potential buyers and renters as the home and AC HVAC Ducts will be sanitized. The home will be odor free of cooking odors, pet odors, smoke, mildew (in AC System and duct’s), Dander (which is dust, ie. dead skin cells from people and pets).

There are many potential buyer’s that have allergens to many different contaminants; an Ozone Shock Treatment by No More Odor will have your home potentially selling for a higher price and faster then other homes in your neighborhood and may even receive multiple offers.

Please feel free to visit the home odors page at: Odor Guru to learn a wealth of information.

Our service areas includes:

Orlando, Kissimmee, Saint Cloud, Melbourne, Cocoa and All of Central Florida
Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Brevard County's and More.